// My workshop is for anyone who has ever seen or taken a selfie // anyone who wishes to experiment with selfie’s or/and self portraiture // anyone who is interested in the selfie phenomenon // photographers and artists at every level // photographers who use self portraiture in their photography practise.

// During the two days of the workshop, we will engage in exercises aimed to focus on the experience of taking a selfie and a self-portrait. We will reflect on the construction of the photograph, and ways of sharing / presenting. Inspiration for the workshop comes from a theoretical background but is in no way academic, it focuses on direct personal reactions and experiences.

// The only requisite is that you have ever taken a Selfie, or that you are willing to take one for the purpose of the workshop!

// We will be using an analogue medium format camera during the workshop under my instruction. A digital scan of the analogue image of you as the subject will be provided a week after the workshop.

// There is an option to bring a portfolio or examples of your personal work (finished or not) for review on the second day. However, if you do not have one or wish to share: this is not at all a requirement (yet we will engage in group critiquing). 
The workshop is held in English but translators can be arranged.

// Stephanie Ballantine grew up as an actor, has a BA in Politics and Philosophy, spent fifteen years as a practising art photographer, exhibits regularly and internationally, is a performance artist, curator, facilitator, and teacher.
// When: 
05.10.19 : 10.00 – 17.00 // 
06.10.19 : 11.00 – 18.00

// Where: 
Silbersteinstr. 133
12051 Berlin

// Price:
110€ / 90€ both days
(Reg /Students, low income)

// Need :

Mobile phone with camera, a selfie

// Booking :

pop by: check fk-kollektiv open times

// Contact:

contact@stephanieballantine.com // info@fk-kollektiv.com

// More info: