Bits and Pieces: The Last Supper

Bits and Pieces: The Last Supper

07/11/2017 - 07/11/2017

Curated by:

  • Emma McKee
  • Tania Olivares

An edible exhibition by Emma McKee & Tania Olivares featuring artist Annique Delphine.


Curators Emma McKee and Tania Olivares’ inaugural exhibition for their series Bites and Pieces features an installation by Berlin based artist Annique Delphine. The curatorial duo is creating a series that examines food as a temporal medium. Their approach to an alternative exhibition experience challenges traditional notions of art in relation to its permanence and material value. The first exhibition of the series, The Last Supper examines art and food amongst our culture of consumption. The edible installation also aims to examine the fine line between nourishment and gluttony.

Annique has previously taken advantage of foods material properties. By arranging everyday objects such as food, she comments on feminine imagery being oversexualized by the media. For the upcoming exhibition, Delphine compliments her approach by presenting work that can be physically consumed. Her first immersive installation invites the viewer to interact with the temporal medium. By creating an active dialogue between the viewer and the work, fleeting experiences surface as the curatorial duo relate to the artist’s practice.
The duo was inspired by youth culture’s fascination with recreating the essence of a fleeting moment. Social media trends allow people to share these moments as they are experienced. McKee and Olivares are intrigued by the process of making a moment tangible for a defined period of time. They find value in the ephemeral essence of an experience.

The event will be live streamed. Please feel free to take photographs and/or videos. Silence will be required inside the parameter of the installation.