The Blind Curator

The Blind Curator


Curated by:

  • Zack Helwa
  • Stephanie Ballantine

FK-Kollektiv’s exhibition ‘The Blind Curator’ was an unique topographical presentation thats aim was to redefine the curatorial process, giving a small f-you to a dusty, elitist selection process.

Through an open call, images were submitted before the event and prints brought directly to the event on the broad themes of; ‘Location’, ‘People’ and ‘Memory’. Every photograph was exhibited that has been submitted. The end number of photographs came to 174.

Rather than offering the visitor a finite product to view, the exhibition was from start to finish a collaborative work in process:

The blindfolded curator was handed each photograph and after feeling its shape and sense, placed the image on the exhibition wall, thus beginning the creation of an ever-evolving memory-map.

The next step is then offered the audience, who was encouraged to step out of their role as solely observers and now create connections between the scattered photographs by joining them by the use of string, thus fabricating a shared consciousness of the individual memory snaps. Through the process, the curator’s control is thus lessened and prohibits any choice with ulterior motives, opening the viewer for a broader exploration of the images.

The fabricated network which weave the scattered photographs together, becomes a reflection of the constructed joint consciousness the collaboration has produced, aiming to link, question and clarify connections and divergences.

The piece has been created as a tribute to all Fotoklub members past, present as well as a way to connect and welcome new artists we have accepted to show (everyone who has submitted).