Day & Night

Day & Night

07/10/2017 - 19/10/2017

Curated by:

  • Jon Cuadros

The show is curated and headed by Jon Cuadros, and will also feature Berlin street photography from two photographers: Berlin native Hanko Ye, and Daniel Arnold, who has shot for Vogue, New York Times, and more.
Influenced by his Moscow visit, Cuadros put together the exhibition with the
intention of celebrating the fever of the street/documentary shooter. His works are intensely intimate, harsh black and white contrasting with the ‘daytime eye’ of the colour street photography looking to illuminate highlighting what was nearly missed. Cuadros presents uncanny in its darkness and its day-lit embodiment with himself and two other photographers.

Jon Cuadros: (use password: InRussia143) Since the publication of his debut photobook (via Pogo Books – http:// Jon Cuadros has set off on a multiyear project exploring intimacy, human/animal connectedness, and the urge to get closer, that has taken him across Europe, Japan, and Russia. He will be revealing part of this project shot entirely in one blitzkrieg week in Russia in a series entitled “Moscow Kiss”. The series explores these themes with Muscovites as diverse as artists living in squats to the Boulevard Ring elite.

Hanko Ye:
Originally from Shanghai, Hanko Ye grew up in Berlin after spending some of his childhood in China. A Design student with a brief stint shooting parties and events, he fell in love with the verve of the streets, and will be sharing some of his favorite moments caught on film. 

Daniel Arnold:
 Daniel Arnold, who first gained notoriety for his playfully voyeuristic iPhone photos of New York City before becoming recognized internationally, will be showing a collection of photography from the streets of Berlin and environs, with a subversive eye for humor in unlikely places. This will be his first European exhibition.