28/10/2016 - 30/11/2016

Curated by:

  • Benji Bilheimer
  • Merve Terzi

Deflect; inflection, reflect; lexicon, ingest suspection and converse with us. A new group show by FotoKlub Kollecktiv: FKK as part of European Month of Photography

You will see the delving into as well as the reflecting from, the thrown against and the conformed to. We deflect architecturally, romantically, self-referentially. Peaking at passers by, landscape from a distance, as the object itself; to the object and all the deflections that goes with it.

Andrea D’Auria, IT
Stephanie Ballantine, UK
Benji Bilheimer, USA
Marie-Laurence Carriere, CA
Jonathan Cuadros, COL-USA
Zack Helwa, EGY- ROM
Estevan Escobar Hovélin, DEU
Ezra Pink, DEU
Merve Terzi, TUR- DEU
Bernhard Weikert, DEU