09/06/2018 - 25/06/2018

Curated by:

  • Zack Helwa

After graduating university, moving to Berlin was a milestone in my life. I left my friends, my family, and my boyfriend in the distance, all in the hope of a better life here. As the months passed I learned that integrating into a new environment takes time and nerves: building new relationships, moving every 2 months, gunning for paperwork, searching for a job, and getting used to online correspondence . . . In the midst of all this chaos, I had to take time to just sit for a second and stare out of the window.
Living on the first floor in a dark room that looks at the backyard of an old building, with a leafless tree standing there alone in the middle of winter, I learned to value the small things in my life, like the window reflections on the firewall in the early afternoon or the touch of my boyfriend after not seeing each other for more than a month.
I often wonder what will happen with these little things in my life once I integrate here and figure things out. Will I still cherish the light leaks or will I choose to stand in the sun?

Róbert Weinraub is a young, aspiring photographer born in the heart of Transylvania in 1994. His interest for photography started to flourish during high-school years: in the beginning he experimented with the medium by placing himself in the centre of his photos. In 2014 he got admitted to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest where he acquired basic technical knowledge and continued to explore the boundaries of self-portraiture. In 2016 he spent five months in Belgium studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with the Erasmus scholarship. Leading up to his graduation in 2017 he wrote his bachelor thesis about gender identity and sexuality in the photographic self-portrait. He is currently based in Berlin.