Land of Milk and Honey

Land of Milk and Honey


The exhibit of our first resident artist Marissa Herrmann. This presented body of work is a small edit of a larger on-going project that began in the autumn of 2011 and continues to be revisited and documented.

The Land of Milk and Honey is a no-place to migrate to. Seasonal workers come and go, connecting with the light, the land and the harvest. What emerges through the images are moments of family as well as a shared yearning for something that is not quite in frame.

The fog arises up the mountain in the morning and fades each evening, covering whatever changes have occurred underneath. If the changes are permanent, then the access that has been allowed to Herrmann develops from intimacy on an uneasy footing to a sacred document.

The wider context of this micro-society is heavy in its absence, we see only what is contained, but know that this kind of life is precarious. The fog rising is a fog that creeps over a country, hiding the path and its security.

We move to find a place that cannot be grasped, beauty in shared glances, juxtapositions and a closeness in hiding.

M.Herrmann (Marissa Herrmann), a New Jersey native b. 1986 to hardworking immigrant parents, she has lived in New York City for the past 12 years during which she received a BFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts, NY.
She is a freelance prop stylist and set designer, specialising in finding objects that can tell stories and placing them in unusual situations.
She is currently addressing her swelling archive of personal, diaristic photographs that document her many adventures in the rapidly shifting landscape of the United States.

Photographs by
M. Herrmann