Still Looking Good

Still Looking Good


“Still Looking Good” is a triadic collaboration between siblings Oliver Connew (dancer/choreographer) and Alice Connew (photographer) that brings together dance, sound and a visual aesthetic that are drawn from and reference pervasive socio-political forces that organise modern human activity, as understood by the artists.

Originally presented by Oliver as a perfomantive piece titled “Things That Move Me”, Oliver invited Alice to aid him in reimagining the concepts as short film and “Still Looking Good” was born. The book was initiated by Alice and is the final instalment of this collaboration.

Alice Connew is a New Zealand-born, Berlin-based photographer. Her work transpires from a seemingly unconscious stream of intangible visual connections which occur throughout daily life. These links often show themselves at a later — and usually unexpected — time. She is the co-founder of GLORIA Books, a publishing collective focused on the publication of art and photography books.

Oliver Connew’s artistic work is motivated by a desire to spend much of his time dancing and with a willing sense of social and political responsibility. In this way, his choreography asks: What’s Dance Got To Do With It? Oliver has recently relocated from Berlin to Montpellier where he embarks on his Masters of Choreography at ICI-CCN Montpellier Occitanie.