The Museum of Lies

The Museum of Lies

31/03/2018 - 08/04/2018

Curated by:

  • Alice Rix-Moore
  • Rachael Rix-Moore
  • Stephanie Ballantine

The Museum of Lies was opened by Jools Holland in 2010 on Stoney Rum Run, England. Amongst exhibits were The Arti-Non-Facts of; The Milton Keynes Brick; The Corner of Pauline Quirke; and Whatever Happened To Your Face?
The opening night included a rare performance of the invisible band ‘You’re A Face’, playing the number 3 hit of 1972 ‘I am a Pirate, I am a Face’. They only played one song. This was and will be the only performance they ever do.
Due to an infestation of Lies, The Museum was forced to close its doors and put on its hats.
Following another intense period of repositioning and re-coating, we are pleased once again to find ourselves showing the never ending exhibits of Lies for the people of Berlin.
This exhibition will be called BRN. Everyone will find at least one lie inside.
Text By Alice Rix-Moore

Artists: Rachael Rix-Moore & Alice Rix-Moore

Featuring work by:
Esben Holk, Jude Gardner-Rolfe, Stephanie Ballantine