15/01/2017 - 20/01/2017

Curated by:

  • Elizabeth Gallon

As we become more and more disconnected with nature, art allows us to touch it, reconnect us with it, and remind us where things come from.


Manuela Garcia Aldana (Colombia) – Tatoo Amulets

The offering of hand poked tattoos will be made, as little amulets, that come from a series of drawings representing powerful plants.

Nadia Petković (Canada) – “Nature on Us” (series of drawings)

“This series explores the image of nature as something resilient and powerful, as a reaction to human domination and exploitation. The drawings intend to express a fallout of industry, war, and socioeconomic mechanisms in exchange for an idealistic place: where nature makes a comeback larger than any human presence. The notion of ‘anti-apocalypse’ is explored, through exaggerated organic scenes and the cosmos, hoping to illuminate the awe of the universe in comparison to our mere human presence.”

Julia Sprecher (Brazil) – on Guitar, will improvise with us