KAISER Multigrade Enlarger for 35mm upgradable to all formats
Opemus 6 B/W enlarger
Durst color enlarger with color filter head and analyzer
Rotating Jobo cpp2 film processor with lift  for color and b/w films as well as for paper.
Jobo 3063 Expert Drum Tank for sheet film,  prints up to 20X24
Multi tank 2 develops two 35mm or two 120 rolls
Multi tank 6 Develops up to six 35mm and six 120 rolls
An assortment of steel and plastic tanks for hand inversion processing

Darkroom workshop with Professional Magnum photographer Printer Jesse C Chan

Digital Lab

Scanner: Hassleblad Imacon 646

Scanner: Epson V750 flatbed film & reflective scanner

Printer: Epson R2880 prints up to A3+

Printer: Epson Stylus pro 9900 large format printer with Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks.

Mac Mini i7 with an assortment of useful photography and scanning softwares.

Intuos4 professional retouching tablet

NEC Multisync 2490wuxi2 calibrated matte monitor with Landscape and portrait modes.

Xrite i1Display monitor calibrator.

Lighting Studio

x 2 Elichrom 750 micro flash heads
Light and reflector stands
Camera tripod
Backdrops for studio
2 body-length soft boxes
Paper Backdrops
A range of reflectors